A Woman Dedicates Her Life To Taking Care Of Hungry And Sick Puppies That Live In A Cemetery

Some places wow us with their colors and beauty, they have a calm that transports us to another dimension. But there are places that do not impress us with the impression of heaven on earth, but fill our souls with grief and anxiety when we see desolation, hunger and pain.

Such is the case at Sargento Mariano Cemetery in Manila, Philippines. Not only are there corpses that have left the other dimension, but poor families also use mausoleum stones as roofs and walls to protect themselves from the sun.

As if that wasn’t enough to surprise us, these low-income families are not alone, with around 150 dogs around them.

It’s amazing to see how they see this place as a place to live.

The dogs were oppressed, extremely hungry and sick. Many of them suffer from a disease called mange, which gradually exposes their skin as they lose their hair.

This noble woman walks her dog every day before the sun rises and the heat becomes unbearable.

It is a very warm place and it is said that if there is a breeze at the Sargentoma Mariano Cemetery, it is likely due to the movement of the dog’s tail, which will wave when the angel arrives.

The dogs ran to meet them, and they came out from under the stone tablet and jumped for joy.

They know they’ll find food, a checkup, and some much-needed love.

How much tenderness they find in this employee who absolutely loves them with all their heart!

Thanks to this group of volunteers working at the local animal shelter, there is a neutering and neutering program.

The care these dogs receive has helped many of them already have regenerated skin.

Ashley’s mission doesn’t end with the dogs, many of whom are pets owned by the families they live with.

Ashley explained that in the Philippines, the concept of ownership that applies to dogs is very broad. It does not regulate or demand responsibility for pets.

The owner can feed his dog once a week and let the pet live in the house. Most of these animals are free and roam the streets in search of food.

Ashley believes the best way to help is to raise awareness in the community by working more with young people.

Children should be involved, they are most likely to learn, and because of this learning, it is easier to connect with parents or adults.

Because of this, all Pasay Pups Shelter volunteers are dedicated to educating the community on how to care for dogs.

We applaud the work done by this amazing woman and her team, whose heart and love for these animals is beyond doubt.

If you would like to contribute to the work that Pasay Pups is doing to help this dog-loving family live a better life, you can click here.