Abandoned senior dog left on heavy chain hung her head in shame, then an angel stepped in

All dogs deserve love, no matter their age. Older dogs need love, and especially more attention, as they spend the rest of their lives in this world.

They must be loved as they were when they were pups. Some older dogs can indulge in their golden years. Sadly, however, not all dogs have the same opportunities.

Athena is a senior dog abandoned in an outdoor clearing.

When they moved away, the family she thought belonged to her abandoned her. The poor dog was left helpless outside, with only a long, thick, heavy chain around his neck.

The story is heartbreaking. It was sad to leave her alone, but what was even more so was the look on her face; she looked broken and down.

No words can express the pain she felt when she was abandoned by humans.

No animal pet should be thrown away like single-use litter.

She spent the longest time with her family, and now she’s old and sick to be left alone? Really heartless! We cannot understand the logic between having a healthy puppy and keeping an older dog.

Although countless vehicles passed by her, a few glances of pity were given to the helpless dog.

She was thirsty and hungry, and all she knew was that her family had left her there alone.

Fortunately, an angel heard her story.

Laurica Nagel, a local dog rescue volunteer in Samara, drove all the way to where she was going to save a dog’s life when she learned of Athena’s heartbreaking story.

Well-meaning rescuers then took Athena to a medical clinic for examination. Happily, aside from fleas, lice and blindness in her left eye, she is still in good shape and has been given a green health bill.

Considering all the hardships, emotional trauma she’s been through, and her age, this woman truly is a fighter!

Eventually, Athena was taken to a local animal shelter.

They say most older dogs won’t be adopted because most families want younger dogs. Dogs the same age as Athena are generally neglected and unwelcome. They worry that they might not be able to find a new forever home for her.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. Athena didn’t need to stay that long in the sanctuary.

A big hearted man adopted the precious dog and gave her a new forever home.

They only saw the beauty of Athena and were ready to show her all the love and tenderness she deserved from the beginning.

She is lucky because her new family has a lot of dogs and she can definitely be friends. Her new adoptive mother also likes to give her a lot of love and attention.

They will ensure that a once unwelcome dog never feels neglected again.

Athena is now living a wonderful life with her new family, and we’re glad she found the perfect fairytale ending.

A dog is a dog, regardless of age. Older dogs should also be loved like puppies.