After four years of living on the street, pit bull Gucci reunited with its family

Gucci was rescued and taken home by Jodi Chumley, who promised the dog that he would never suffer again.

However, the family lost a pet during the relocation from Georgia to Tennessee.

Owners were frustrated for four years before finally finding the Gucci in Philadelphia.

Marvin and Jessica Graaf of the Animal Care and Control Service discovered the dog.

The couple came across a stray dog in poor health and decided to take it to a veterinarian.

Gucci, a street dog, was severely beaten several times after four years on the streets, and the dog developed arthritis, an ear infection, and a skin infection.

The service staff posted about the dog in their Facebook group to track down the owners, and it quickly reached Jody.

The woman spent more than two hours on the phone attempting to prove that the found dog was her missing Gucci before traveling to Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters.

Jody says, “I couldn’t wait any longer.” – I couldn’t bear the thought of Gucci being there by herself, waiting for her “mother.”
The encounter turned out to be extremely moving.

As they gazed at Jody and Gucci, who had reunited after so many years apart, no one could hold back their tears.

According to the woman, she never gave up hope of finding Gucci.

She spent four years looking for a dog, contacting rescue organizations and posting about the animal on social media.

“I promised Gucci that she would never suffer again when I brought her home, but I only kept half of that promise,” Jody says. “At long last, our family has been reunited.” It was incomplete without Gucci.”