Desperate Mama Dog Claws Through Stone And Rubble To Rescue Her Puppies In Hopeless

There is no love stronger than a mother’s love. That became clear when rescuers witnessed what a mother dog was doing for her puppies. The house where she was living collapsed, burying them beneath the rubble. Fortunately, Animal Aid Unlimited India was on hand to help.

When the dog saw them, she wagging her tail and whining for help.

The rescuers were concerned that the puppies had died, but the mother dog refused to give up. She may have sensed that the puppies were still alive, so she pressed her nose against the ground and encouraged the rescuers to keep digging.

The rescuers were busy, but the mother dog saw an opportunity to assist. She began digging and biting at the dirt, indicating the location of the puppies. “She appeared to realize they could suffocate at any time.”

It took some time, but they finally heard the dogs whining from beneath the rubble. They were hidden, but they were still alive.

The mother examined each of the puppies after they were freed. She appeared relieved to have her puppies back.

The story does not end there. The family was relocated safely, and the mother will be spayed once the pups are weaned. It’s wonderful to see people working to help our furry friends in this way.

You can see the rescue in this video: