Dog Trauma From Nose To Tail, But This Little Hero Just Won’t Give Up On Life

Animal Aid Unlimited has seen its fair share of difficult dog issues, but it was a pleasant surprise when a street dog was recently brought in for emergency care.

The dog required more than TLC; due to internal bleeding and shock, he was placed on emergency life support.

They were difficult that he would not make it because he was dealing with so many difficulties.

“When the government hospital vet called us to rescue a dog someone had dropped there after finding him unconscious on the road, we hurried to help,” they said in a YouTube video.

They went on to say that he wouldn’t have lived much longer if they hadn’t arrived quickly. The dog was transported by ambulance to their facility and, thankfully, survived the journey.

He was given emergency IV fluids for dehydration and shock when they arrived at the Animal Aid Hospital. They also gave him oxygen because he was having trouble breathing.

“With so much blood loss, we weren’t sure he’d ever wake up,” the rescue group said. His eyes brightened after a few hours, and he seemed to partially absorb the idea that he was in a new place. He was regaining consciousness and embarking on a new chapter in his life.”

That beautiful dog, whom they have named Kenny, is living proof that dogs enjoy life.

He was in such bad shape that they could only describe him as “on the verge of death,” but now he’s running around, playing with other dogs, and living life as any dog should.

It took two months of daily therapy for him to be able to walk, eat, and live a normal life after his accident. In the end, they admit that it was a long but beautiful journey.

Check out the video below:

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