Dogs Rescued From A Meat Farm Make An Incredible Transformation

The Humane Society International has been doing some incredible work helping to rescue dogs from the meat trade in South Korea.

After shutting down one meat farm, the Humane Society not only helped the former farmer transition to a more humane practice of living, but they also managed to rescue the dogs that were living on that farm.

Little by little, they managed to help transition the dogs from the farm, and the remaining dogs have been rescued from the farm and given a whole new start in life.

The rescued dogs came from the 17th dog meat farm to be closed by the HSI – a valiant effort as they work to combat the dog meat trade in Asia.

Thanks to changing attitudes towards the dog meat industry in South Korea, it is looking optimistic for the rescued pooches.

Thankfully, they’re getting on well after their rescue as shown in the video below.

While there still remain some who need a little extra attention and care, most have shown incredible progress in getting used to normal life as dogs.

They’re learning to trust and interact with people, which means that, hopefully, one day they’ll be ready for the forever homes with loving families that they all deserve.

Watch their progress in the video below:

Originally appeared on blog.theanimalrescuesite