Fast X Trailer Shows Off BTS Footage Of Impressive Practical Car Stunts

A new behind-the-scenes teaser for the upcoming Fast & Furious Saga film Fast X details the harrowing practical car stunts the team is pulling off.

Fast X’s mind-blowing car stunts are being detailed in a brand new behind-the-scenes trailer. The film, which is the tenth in The Fast Saga is being directed by Louis Letterier with an eye on a theatrical release on May 19. In addition to featuring returning members of the franchise’s ensemble cast including Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang, Jordana Brewster, and Jason Statham, there are new faces on hand including superhero stars Jason Momoa and Brie Larson.

Today on YouTube, The Fast Saga shared a behind-the-scenes trailer ahead of the Fast X release date in a month and a half.

The trailer features interviews with members of the Fast cast, which also includes Daniela Melchior and Nathalie Emmanuel. While they hype up the film’s real locations and practical effects, on-set footage reveals some of the death-defying stunts they are going to pull off onscreen.

No Matter How Outrageous, The Fast Films Are Grounded by Their Practical Stunts

The franchise has come a long way from the original 2002 The Fast and the Furious. That original entry followed a fairly straightforward crime story set in the world of street racing. However, the ten films that followed (including the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff) continuously upped the ante until they essentially became about a superhero team pulling off massive world-saving missions.

The recent entries in the franchise have embraced a cornucopia of over-the-top stunts and plot developments. This includes parachuting cars out of a jet plane, having a vehicle hang off a cliff from a rope, and even going to space. While a lot of these moments are achieved with the help of computer-genreated imagery, the practical stunts and real, recognizable cars at the core of the Fast films are what keep them tethered to a sense of reality.

The fact that these stunts are centered around real cars doing real moves prevents the films from feeling too far-fetched, even when they’re pushing the envelope as far as it can go. This helps keep the audience feeling like there are real-life stakes even as the heroes at the films’ center perform larger-than-life acts. From the looks of things, Fast X is doing everything it can to keep that atmosphere alive and well.