Forlorn Dog Hiding From Humans In A Gas Cabin After Escaping From A Scam Rescue

This little life named Toby hiding in a gas cabin. Would you image why it’s just because he feels safe there when hiding from human

Few days ago Toby thought he was rescued, but it turns out the man who got Toby home is a sadistic monster so instead of being saved Toby’s disaster begin. The monster tortured Toby badly gave him nothing to eat except feces, let him outside in cold crying for days.

Luckily the neighbor boy heard Toby’s voice, he secretly unchained the dog and sent a voice message to the Penguin rescue team.

Toby escaped ran as far as he could and hid in the gas cabin. The rescue team was looking for him for more than six hours then fortunately they found him there.

Toby’s situation after being rescued, bad skin disease sick and digestive system and especially emotional injured. He also lost all of his trust on humans, so didn’t eat food, didn’t look at rescuer, only sadness in his eyes. He had been like that for nearly two weeks until Toby’s feel better, especially after they took him out to garden.

Due to his bad memory about the monster they need to apply a totally different way to treat his emotion. He needs more hugging, talking with him every day, kiss him when possible and show him the warming interaction.

Two months after being rescued, Toby now became very energic boy, he asked to play all the time, if they left him alone Toby feel upset very much, but his upset didn’t take so long

At date 86 Toby got an adoption request from a lovely young family. When they heard his story. We are quite sure that this should be his forever home since now.

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