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Golden Retriever Meets Her New Kitten Sister in Video That’s Too Sweet for Words

You can practically see the friendship start to bloom in real time!

It’s well known pets and cats have a lengthy pop-culture history of being anything yet good friends. Their antagonistic partnership is commonly the property behind preferred animes and films like Tom and Jerry as well as Cats & Dogs. The objected to partnership has actually even emerged in children’s publications, art, and rhymes. There’s even the expression “battle like cats and pet dogs.” Yet we understand, for a fact, that felines and also pet dogs can get on and even come to be best pals.

Go into the purr-fect real-world instance that shatters this longstanding stereotype. This trending TikTok video clip of a kittycat meeting her pet dog brother or sister for the first time has family pet fans almost everywhere oohing and aahing!

Golden Retriever Meets Her New Kitten Sister in Video That’s Too Sweet for Words


In the heartfelt video, the playful 2-year-old gold retriever called Lucy investigates her brand-new kitty brother or sister.

The footage starts with Lucy very carefully circling around the little cat. She slowly comes close to for a smell, followed by a mild paw-tap at her new buddy. The small kitty barely moves, and also our celebrity Lucy seems to show up truly puzzled by the extremely still, brand-new fluffball resting on the floor. A human can be heard behind-the-scenes informing the pet dog to “give her a kiss.”


After a few more circles and close encounters, the video finishes with a profusion of the puppy’s playful side. With her paws down and also backside up, you can practically hear her phrase, “Please play with me!”

The trending video, uploaded Aug. 8 by Katie Squibb on TikTok, has actually already gained 13.8 million views and also thousands of remarks. One follower creates, “It’s incredibly noticeable your doggo is mild as well as worried regarding that child’s comfort and security!” We concur– Lucy is plainly a very good girl.

If you’re asking yourself if this friendly partnership in between kittycat and also puppy lasts, another video clip shared a few weeks later shows the couple of floofs cuddling on the flooring (case closed, they’re buds).

Squibb additionally published a brief video sharing details regarding the valuable pair, saying that Lucy the golden retriever is “seriously the best” and also the tiny kitten, named Joey, was saved from a close friend as well as is just 4 weeks old. In fact, the youngster is still being bottle-fed but doing really well.

Squibb states she wishes to continue sharing charming videos of Lucy and also Joey. We’ll absolutely be complying with along.


Plainly some pet dogs and also cats are undoubtedly efficient in getting on. Just remember to do your research before introducing any type of pet to a pet cat, and the other way around, so you can help them obtain accustomed to each other slowly and also securely.
It’s also a good idea to get in touch with your veterinarian before bringing any brand-new pets right into your house, because they can supply some ideas and also guidance particularly customized to your family pet, their habits, and even their breed type.

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