Growling Dog’s Legs Were Tied Together He Drags Himself & Pants In Pain

When Animal Aid responded to a call about a dog dragging himself through the garbage, they had no idea what they were in for. The rescuers had no idea why the poor boy’s hind legs were tied together. He dragged himself along, panting from the heat and the pain. Fortunately, this was only the start of his journey.

The dog was taken back to the rescuer center. He was seated on the examination table. The vet and his team couldn’t figure out why he was paralyzed. There were no obvious scars or wounds. But when they touched him, his body went completely rigid from pain. It was heartbreaking.

The rescuers decided to name the dog ‘Comfy’. But the dog was anything but at ease. The dog was sedated and given pain medication, so he was nice and relaxed at first, but after he slept and ate a meal, his entire demeanor changed.

Comfy didn’t want to be touched at all. If anyone tried to approach him, he would growl and bark. The main issue was that Comfy needed physical therapy, which required a therapist to touch him in order for him to recover. What were they going to do this time? How were they going to help this dog without further traumatizing him?

They had to devise a plan. The first step was to consult with their most knowledgeable trainer. She agreed to collaborate with Comfy. In order to begin physical therapy, he needed to learn to trust human touch. It was obvious that he needed to be approached slowly and compassionately. That is precisely what the trainer did.

Comfy was very nervous at first. Especially when it came to therapy time. His body tensed, and he was tempted to growl once more. Comfy, on the other hand, gradually and steadily learned, through patience and compassion, that the hands that were laid upon him were there to help him, not hurt him.

What happens next in the video is PURE MAGIC! And cannot be missed! Animal Aid is an incredible organization that rescues strays like Comfy and allows them to stay indefinitely at their facility. Comfy is forever safe, and loved, thanks to them.