Happy Moment Rescued Tiger Gets Into A Pool For The First Time In His Life (Video)

Meet Marcus adult tiger who was initially bought as a pet, but when he became too big to manage, he was donated to a breeder.  When he was rescued, he was given his first ever open bath, and he absolutely loved it!

“This was like a little kid swimming for the first time. But this was an adult tiger experiencing something he had never experienced before.”

“Marcus ran right up to that tank to investigate it. Sniff it caretakers put floating wood in there just to encourage him to engage.”

“It was within seconds he had jumped into the water completely up to his neck, and man, was he having a good time?”

Years of being confined to a tiny cage on a hard surface were extremely harmful to his joints and spine.

“He was playing with the hose that was still filling the pool, biting at, playing at splashy. He loved the toys in his pool. He loved the water.”

“I think he was waiting for that pool his entire life. This is probably his best day ever. We received a call that several big cats needed a home.”

“When we first met Marcus, he was in this mud pit, kennel pacing quite a bit. He was anxious. He was underweight, and he had open wounds.”

“It was time to take him home to the sanctuary when he was released into the new habitat. Wow, it was just amazing.”

The Wildcat Sanctuary was informed that he and Winona went for a long time without adequate protection from the elements. Marcus had no place to run, jump, or climb on any platforms, grass, or hills. His physique would have been strengthened by such activities.

“He patrolled the whole habitat. He smelled everything. He went on every perch he became the tiger. He was meant to be.”

“Marcus was a former pet, and they were breeding him to sell cubs on the internet into roadside zoos and as pets. So to see him discover his own tiger abilities just brought us even more joy than we can imagine that face.”

“Marcus is an older tiger, and he recently hurt his back, but he was so patient with his rehab, and he came back stronger than ever because of that.”

“We felt Marcus deserves a really great reward. And what better for Marcus than to give him his biggest tiger popsicle ever with all his favorite flavors and let him enjoy it in his yard.”

“Marcus is one of the most amazing, gentle, happy tigers that we have rescued.”

“Marcus means so much to me. He has my heart. He found the most bliss I’ve ever seen a tiger.”

“He just shows me that there’s happiness anywhere if you choose to accept it.”