Lindy The Dog’S Relentless Struggle Against The Cruel Abuse Of His Owner

Anytime we hear of an abused animal, our hearts just break. But, in some cases, when the abuse is as severe as it is in this case, it’s almost difficult for us to comprehend the level of cruelty.

Dogs are filled with unconditional love. These creatures love us more than they love themselves and often even their own kind. Many of us just can’t fathom how some people can treat an animal with so much cruelty.

Even though cruelty to animals has been elevated to a felony crime, that doesn’t mean we can always prevent it from happening, as heart wrenching as that may be.

Just one more reason we are so thankful for organization such as the SPCA of East Texas. They are in urgent need of our help right now at this very moment.

We’d like to introduce you to “Lindy.” Our hearts are breaking to hear about her struggle. She’s been on IV fluids and the wonderful people at the SPCA of East Texas are fighting for her life. This is Lindy’s Story.

Before we get to the photos, please consider donating to the life-saving mission on behalf of Lindy. The SPCA of East Texas shared Lindy’s heartbreaking story on their Facebook page:

“Meet Lindy, formally of Lindale.

Lindy is a product of ignorance, neglect, and physical abuse. A good Samaritan filed a Cruelty Complaint with SPCA East Texas to report a dog screaming in pain as a young disabled child beat and poked her with sticks. To make matters worse Lindy was being starved and had sores covering her entire body.

Not ONE family member thought that there was any problem with Lindy! Yesterday SPCA East Texas put an end the the neglect and with the help of the Lindale police department, we were able to remove Lindy and a 3 month old puppy we named Amelia from their situation.

Once at the SPCA Snippet Clinic, it was found that Lindy was suffering from both scabies mites and demodex mites. These mites created an itch so bad that she scratched deep wounds into her sides leaving them open to secondary bacterial and yeast infections.

Over time Lindy lost all of her hair and built up thick crusts covering her body head to tail. Yesterday Lindy had all but given up on life. Today she starts a new life with us here at SPCA East Texas. The road to recovery will be long, but Lindy will no longer look up to an owner with love in her eyes as they neglect and beat her. Today Lindy will have the medical care she needs and comfort she deserves.

SPCA East Texas desperately needs help covering Lindy’s extensive medical costs.