Loyal dog stays by side of its Dying friend, sheds tears and tries to wake up his friend after being hit by car

Heart-breaking pictures have emerged showing how a loyal dog guarded its dead friend and even tried to wake it up on a busy road in China.
On April 17, a passing car killed the brown husky lying in the middle of the road in Zhejiang Province.

Until their own came to pick them up, the cream-colored dog desperately pawed and mournfully barked at its dead friend.

The tragic incident took in Nianli town of Quzhou city, according to a report from, a People’s Daily Online affiliate.

The husky was seen lying motionless on the road for at least half an hour, while its cream-colored friend stood guard over the body.

The cream-colored dog pawed at the husky’s lifeless body, desperately trying to bring it back to life.

The saddened pooch is seen in video footage shared by Pear Video attempting to wake the dead dog. It knelt beside the road, where cars passed by all the time, to mourn the death of a friend.

A few bystanders gathered along the side of the road, but none of them could explain what had caused the traffic accident.

A woman in a black dress appeared half an hour later and called the husky’s name.

‘Are you the owner of the dogs?’ inquired an on-duty cop.’Yes,’ she confirmed.

As its owner took it to the side of the road and called for help, the cream-colored dog followed its dead friend.