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Owner Breaks Dog’s Front Legs, Ties Him Up To A Lamppost And Flees The Scene

Steve is a 2-year-old Lurcher dog who was found tied to a lamppost in Canterbury’s secluded Elm Road bus stop

He was squirming and crying in pain from his broken front legs for hours before he was discovered by a passerby. He was eventually rescued by Dogs Trust, and then moved to an RSPCA hospital for emergency treatment.
Steve’s initial scans revealed some heartbreaking details about his predicament. One of his legs was completely split into two, and his injuries seemed to have happened a while back. He was scared and anxious from the unbearable pain for quite some time. Yet his irresponsible owner discarded him unceremoniously instead of getting medical help.


The vet team performed an intensive surgery to fix Steve’s degrading limbs. He had 2 plates pinned on his front legs to salvage the damage. He is now looking at a testing 12-week recovery period while his swelling subsides and his bones heal. He has been incredibly brave throughout the procedure and is a total sweetheart to his caretakers.


Steve’s re-homing options will be considered only once he is done with his recovery and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the officers investigating his abandonment are looking to have a word with his owner. However, their efforts have been foiled by the lack of a microchip. Anyone with information on Steve’s background can reach out to the officers at 0300 123 8018. Spread the word.

Source: ilovemydogsomuch.tv

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