Photo Shows Tom Brady Enjoying His Offseason

The National Football League will never be the same without Tom Brady.

He went from being the 199th pick in the NFL Draft to winning seven Super Bowl rings and setting all kinds of records, beating the odds over and over throughout a dream-like career.

Brady worked restlessly every season to be at his best both physically and mentally, and the emotional toll that such a long career can take on a person shouldn’t be overlooked, either.

So, now that he’s finally getting some time to relax, he’s finally living his best life and doing whatever he wants.

Recently, the former New England Patriots legend shared a picture of him enjoying the golf course shortly after being spotted with former NFL teammates having some fun on the beach.

Notably, Brady won’t have all that free time for long, though, as he has already committed to FOX on a 10-year, very lucrative deal to join the booth for their NFL broadcasts.

Also, he’s currently leading multiple business initiatives, not to mention that he’s reportedly dating again.

Tom told FOX that he’s not ready to honor that commitment just yet and that he needs another year to prepare and learn the ropes of the business, stating that he intends to take the same restless approach to his new career endeavor as the one he had during his playing days.

So, he better make the most of his vacations while he still can, as he’s going to have quite a busy schedule again pretty soon.