Puppy suffering from mange and starvation looking like senior dog, see how she became!

At first you might think this dog is an elderly frail old lady, but she is a puppy who was suffering from advanced mange and starvation, it had weakened her immune system. She greeted her rescuers with the trust and affection of someone not defeated, but vital with a will to live.

They hurried her into treatment, knowing that in this desperate condition, her immune system was very low and at any moment she could take a turn for the worse. The vets applied medicated cream to soften the scabs, she was such a good girl taking her medicine to stop the mange.

In her first weekly medicated they gived her a bath, she didn’t like the shampoo but she loved the cuddling.her health and strength were growing but not her fur.Yet!

She started to get homesick and miss her street family, so they decided put her on street treatment programme, where they would continue her treatment over multiple visits. With every visit she was opening like a Tulip!

Her innocent eyes peered up at her caregivers with so much hope even from the first moments on the treatment table in the hospital, and thankfully, her appetite was beautiful and she dove right in.

They named her Tulip in Animal Aid Unlimited centre and watched with joy as day by day her health improved and a puppy emerged where an old lady had hobbled.

The video below show how the poor puppy was and how she became.