Rescue of a Stray Dog Whose Foreleg Completely Crushed


Villagers spotted this poor dog in terrible condition. He dragged alone in pain and his foreleg was broken. He’s wandering alone and so desperate.

Villagers coordinated to take him to a local clinic nearby. The vets had cut off his foreleg and treated him for pain. And a villager decided to take him to continue his recovery at her home.

But his wound is not healed and it’s swelling. It’s not better after a few days. She decided to him to another clinic in the town. The vets started cleaning his wounds and gave him the medication to help heal the wounds…

His leg is still constant infection. They decided to amputate his whole left front leg. The surgery went successfully and he fought for his life. He needs your prayer for his recovery.

We pray for him for a speedy recovery. Thanks to the help of everyone for giving him a second chance at life.