She Kept Yelping, Neighbors Thought She’s Mad But It Saved Her Pregnant Babies

She had been without food and water for days, being held captive by her supposed guardian. She was screaming so hard for help that she caught the neighbors’ attention and they reported it.

With support from local police In , APAI Belém ( an association of independent protectors, responsible for a shelter with, currently, almost 30 dogs and cats located in Belém, Pará ) were then able to get her, after years of mistreatment and malnourished, she was ready for first general health check after taking deep shower.

She is receiving all the attention and affection, today she underwent an evaluation and is still in recovery she underwent a new medical evaluation and has already gained 1,400 kg and improves every day. The vet also found she’s pregnant as well. She has no major health issue, but giving birth it’s tough.

The first thing they did was removing all ticks on hear ears. After that she was kept in a special recovery room. Vet also did an enhanced blood test for her pregnancy.

Few days later, she became more friendly with human, she behaved amazingly, so lovely.

The next day, they took her for another vaccinated shot and doing X-ray check for her incoming babies, the sweet girl has gained 1.400 gram and improves every day.

Nearly ready for giving birth and as she was so skinny, Vets have to bring her to hospital just in case there is any special need during her labour. Luckily everything went well, she gave birth to 3 puppies.

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