Tears Of Sadness And Loneliness Of The Puppy, Who Was Dumped And Fall Into a Gutter

Teddy was found on a hot summer day, he fell into the gutter and couldn’t get up. He was covered in mud, and looked very tired.

‘The first thing we did when we got to the vet was give him a bath’
Heatstroke plus many days without food made him dehydrated and completely exhausted.

Why would a puppy get lost there? the rescuer thought he was abandoned. The boy was completely covered with lice, from the bite of these lice, it all turned into scrapes and wounds. The boy was being refueled, due to exhaustion, he was lying still. His eyes over with tears that broke all rescuers.

After one night, he didn’t make any good progress either.His temperature dropped continuously, at a moment the vet in clinic said that he couldn’t hear his breathing at all. The sad thing was that he couldn’t eat by himself, the nurse use her hand to feed him.

‘Do you see his cry? he broke my heart when i saw those tears, those were tears of fatigue and abandonment’
‘I had to do everything to help this poor puppy get well again, since he had difficulty in swallowing i diluted it and used a syringe, this seemed to work.The boy would have more strength to fight’ the nurse in clinic said.’After that time, i was the only one left with the poor puppy in the vet’

The atmosphere in vet was stuffy and silent, Looking at him, made the nurse had more courage, to take care and protect him.

The boy was very thin, would need to gain weight and resistance. The next day the boy continued to receive intravenous fluids. Being under the harsh weather affected the puppy a lot.

Teddy had enteritis and infection, he vomited every time he ate, the doctors presisted treating Teddy even though bad situatios kept coming.

‘I held this child’s hand hopping to give him more strength to overcome’
Teddy was an affectionate buy shy puppy, maybe he wasn’t close to humans since childhood. Bowel tests gave very good results, he was able to eat and drink normally. It was nice that he changed day by day, the boy was able to stand eat and drink on his own.

That day was Teddy last treatment, his recovery was like a miracle. The skin wounds were slowly disappearing . The boy was becoming different, Teddy eyes were happier, he is excited about the toy they give him.

Soon his hair will grow back. and he will become a healthy and beautiful boy.

45 days after the boy now growing hair, his name is Teddy, he is healthy and very active now, also eat a lot of foods.