The Full story, Dog survives after being shot in the face and wins hearts of T.V. viewers

A dog named Millie was beaten and shot in the face when she was just a few months old. The attack was so severe that when her attackers tried to euthanize her, she was “bumped” in the face.

Since then, the puppy has been severely deformed and her nose has suffered “blunt force trauma” and no longer looks like a nose. As for the bullet attack, there were still scars left on her head.

The “miracle” dog was recently featured on ITV’s “This Morning” show. As one would expect, her story brought tears to the audience’s eyes.

The show shared a small selection of features on their official Twitter account. It showed Millie with her rescuer Kasey Carlin and the show’s resident vet Dr Scott Miller.

Millie was found dying on the street by animal activists. But her rescuer didn’t want to put her down, and Dr Miller thought it was a very good decision. Miraculously, Millie showed a “huge response” to the treatment and her condition improved over time.

“When you see catastrophic injuries like this, sometimes it’s in the dog’s best interest to put them to sleep. Of course, I know the foundation, and Casey supports that. In this case, the dog received some primary treatment, There’s been a huge response to this treatment, and that’s when charities get involved,” Dr Miller said.

Millie is now fully recovered and has regained her sense of smell. Her television appearances not only captured the hearts of thousands of viewers in the UK but elsewhere around the world.

One user commented: “It’s heartbreaking to see what horrible things people would do to such a cute dog face, how would they like it if someone did it to them because they sure wouldn’t like it , so stop it!!!”

“Even through horrific abuse and torture, this beautiful animal is still capable of unconditional love. Just proving that humans are not a superior species,” said another.