The Poor Dog Walk Around two weeks with a tin can, witch was worn around the animal’s neck and crashed into the body.

Odessa animal advocates Rescue a young stray dog ​​from a terrible “collar”. The tin can was worn around the animal’s neck and crashed into the body.

The dog ran like this for at least two weeks, according to locals. As the puppy grew older, the iron dug into his neck, causing a laceration on his chest and preventing him from turning his head to the sides. The dog was scared and hid in a sewer tunnel 3-4 meters long and 60-70 cm in diameter, so animal advocates had to work hard to catch it.

Sergei threw food there in the evening, and he returned early the next morning to block the exit with a net. He launched his dog there, and they knew immediately that Jar (the dog’s nickname) was present because the growl of a dog came from there. We arrived at ten AM, surrounded the entrance, but Jar had climbed deep into the depths and refused to leave.

The brave Olya Chanturia then climbed up there, dressed in fishing overalls. They were able to get the puppy out with the help of a large net, but as they ran out into the street, Jar became tangled in the nets. Then there’s the issue of technology, as volunteers point out.

The dog was taken to the veterinary clinic, where it was immediately placed on the operating table by the doctors. They snipped the jar’s neck, processed it, and wrapped it like an astronaut. Doctors unanimously agreed that the dog did not put the lid on herself. They most likely helped.

Volunteers took Jar to their home for a while until they could find her a forever home, in order to avoid collecting debts and paying for the hospital.

After his miraculous rescue, the dog was lucky for the second time. She found a loving home and owners who give her only love and care.

Olesya, an Odessa resident, became the owner of Jar, who took the dog to her home, where the lucky woman now lives with two other pets.