The Poor Girl Lay Alone In The Desolate Field, Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ants Almost Devouring Her

One of the five worst situations we’ve ever saved is Phoenix.

Phoenix was in a serious condition when we first came upon her. Phoenix was resting by herself in a barren area, her body thin. She had a lot of bugs on her feet, and hundreds of thousands of ants ate her up.

Phoenix sobbed in anguish because she was unable to rise up and walk. Although she was resting close to the curb, nobody saw her. We couldn’t understand why people were so callous toward a helpless puppy.

Phoenix’s ants were swiftly removed, and I gave her some food, but she refused to take even a small amount. Phoenix was placed in the car, and I immediately drove to the hospital. Doctors checked her right away and speculated that she could have cancer and a pelvic fracture.

Our warrior suffered from extremely low hypothermia, severe malnutrition and anemia . Phoenix has done 2 tests and fortunately all the results were negative .

Prior to switching to the permanent approach of employing blankets and heaters, doctors first utilized medications to maintain Phoenix’s body temperature coupled with serum infusions. However, it appears that Phoenix has a nerve damage that has left her unable to control her behavior and continually convulsing.

This was the first time the nurse could give her a shower after two months in the hospital. Together with the medical staff, we all did our best to keep Phoenix alive during this trying period.

Phoenix was doing so well and had no plans to give up life, so we were quite pleased of her. Let’s check out Phoenix 3 months after being saved to see how she’s evolved.

She was incredibly healthy, chubby, and beautiful.

Particularly, our daughter is leading a contented life that several other canines have only imagined.

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