The Sad Story Of Tommy, The Puppy Rescued From The Brink Of Death

Tommy is a puppy who was rescued convulsing, but today he has a very happy life next to his rescuer, who was inspired by him to create a foundation where he has helped 16 canines.

Tommy is a puppy that suffered a lot, it is one more case of an animal that lived on the street and was about to die , because he suffered from severe seizures. With severe anemia and without much pain in his body, he had given up, until a miracle happened because a person rescued him and handed him over to a young woman named Dana Isabella, who empathized with the canine’s story and although she knew she was on the verge of death decided to help him, so without thinking about it for a long time he took him to the vet where they gave him euthanasia as an alternative.

However, she refused and thanks to that, Tommy is now a happy dog ​​who was able to get ahead and even inspired his owner to create a foundation to help more animals.

Dana Isabella Samaniego gave an interview to Bunko where she told the story of Tommy, her inspiration to create a shelter. According to the story, this canine was thrown out on the street when he was only about seven months old and very skinny. A woman looked at him in his final moments because she was having a seizure, and she posted the case on Facebook where Samaniego asked her to take him to her house and she would pick him up.

Dana couldn’t help but cry when she met him because Tommy’s eyes gave off pain and he already wanted to stain himself in this world, but it was because of the love that this rescuer gave him that the canine began to fight because he immediately took him to the vet because he wouldn’t stop convulsing.

Tommy had scabies and had already convulsed three times when he arrived at a clinic, where they gave him euthanasia (putting him to sleep) as an alternative, but she refused, knowing the canine deserved a second chance.

They only had one option left, which was to put him in a coma to examine his neurological system, but there was no guarantee that he would be saved, so she took the risk. “I didn’t go there to give up and accept; I went there to fight for the puppy, to put him in a coma,” Dana explained.

The following day, a miracle occurred; apparently, the medication was administered incorrectly, and the dog did not remain in a coma, so he awoke as if nothing had happened, with a large appetite and a strong desire to play. The days passed, and although the recovery was lengthy, love and treatment were critical in allowing this dog to recover and be forever adopted by the angel who had saved him.

Danna was inspired to start her own foundation to help stray dogs and cats who have suffered because of her love for her puppies and the joy she gets from seeing Tommy alive.

“I dare to say that he is a very happy and very grateful puppy… from there the foundation was born with effort, dedication, sleeplessness and others, it was possible to start it”
So far, it has rescued 16 puppies and placed them in temporary homes; however, as a new project, it requires

financial support or even more people to be encouraged to provide temporary homes for canines in Monterrey, Mexico.

Therefore, if you want more stories like Tommy’s to come true, you can support this young rescuer who works to maintain her foundation and help more dogs. If you are looking for more information to sponsor one of Danna’s rescuers, donate croquettes or help take care of a stray dog, you can find more information on her Facebook page Fundación Huellas or Instagram Funda_huellas , do not leave them alone, remember that everyone deserves a second chance to be happy.