Three-Legged Mother Dog Survived Without Veterinary Help For Several Months In Incredible Pain On The Street

According to Animal Rescue, they got a call for help, Mother with three babies (girls) wandering for foods. She first fell into the production tape for the brick production and the machine took off her leg about a month ago.

The Rescue team faced a huge difficulties to save her. Her babies were dying. Big trucks pass by, they can’t survive!

The mother is very afraid people, ferocious to protect her pupies. After an hour and hard battles, mother and her puppies are safe in the car.

“Only 48 hours later safe! The Mother is extremely explore. So we are extremely careful to her! Mother dog who we couldn’t touch due to her trauma from the street! We couldn’t pet her! She reacted to our every attempt by trying to bite us!” Said Fahrudin Caki her rescuer.

She didn’t have a chance of a home in that mental state!
3 days later, the Mother is still extremely concerned. They tried slowly first with a blanket and does not react. however, when Fahrudin Caki one of her rescuer tried to forgive her by hand she was afraid of human touch.

“We will let her calm down these days… we cleaned the babies for the second time.”

After 8 months, all the puppies got adopeted to happy family and thier mother can walks on a leash, and she even can walks by herself without her leash and doesn’t want to escape! You can touch her! You can pet her! Without her trying to bite you! And now she’s got a chance of a home! SHE’S READY!..

“It’s up to us now to give her that chance! And we will give her a new life! Thank you again to all the good people and all of you who love our work and who stand by us!”