“We Protect Each Other..”: NBA Legend Michael Jordan Once Revealed How Derek Jeter’s Family Made Him Feel Secure

NBA icon Michael Jordan has a brotherly relationship with MLB legend Derek Jeter. It all started with MJ acting as a mentor to Jeter in his early years of the game. And since then, they have remained friends or, say, brothers. MJ and DJ are undeniably two of the best athletes in the history of their respective games. And because of their bond, they are one of the most important people in each other’s lives.

Therefore, when a documentary about former Yankees captain Derek Jeter came out last year, MJ played a significant role in it. While talking about Jeter’s hunger for winning, and his mentality, MJ also spoke of how Jeter’s family brought a sense of security to him where he didn’t have to be guarded.

What did Michael Jordan say about Derek Jeter?

After knowing each other for over two decades, DJ and MJ have become close enough that they can speak freely without fearing judgment in front of each other’s families. Jordan, while speaking about his small circle of people, spoke about how Jeter’s family always made him feel secure.

During one of the episodes of the seven-part docu-series, MJ said, “Everybody likes to let their hair down, relax, say whatever that come to their mind.. and not be criticized or put in a position where we have to explain, that’s what privacy really is. When I’m with Derek and his family, I’m not guarded. I can be who I wanna be., and he can do the same for me, and we feel like we protect each other in that way.”

The bond Captain Clutch and MJ share is not like any other. And they know how to cherish it.

MJ once cried for DJ!
Dating back to 2014, when Derek Jeter was about to get retired, the Yankees celebrated Derek Jeter’s day. On that day, as a surprise to Jeter, his brother, Michael Jordan, was introduced in Yankee Stadium.

Back then, when Jeter gave a speech, MJ could be seen getting emotional and having tears in his eyes. It was the end of an era, and hence, it also affected the NBA legend.