When The Neighbors Saw A Dog Abandoned & Tied, They Knew They Had To Do Something Immediately.

We doglovers will never understand how some people could just neglect their dog or leave them behind. Because for us, dogs are more than just pets, they are our best friends, they are part of the family! And we don’t leave family members behind to suffer and die alone, do we?

So it breaks our hearts when we see dogs neglected and abandoned by the people they call family. Here’s a story about a dog who was neglected by his family, but got a happy ending because of the help of his kindhearted neighbors.

The neighbors were shocked when they saw what was going on in the house next door. There they saw a puppy, chained up, neglected, and sometimes muzzled for no reason.

The poor dog was all alone. No warm bed to sleep on, and no one to play and cuddle with. All he had was the cold concrete to lay on.

When he wasn’t muzzled, he would bark for attention. He would bark and cry for help.

Thankfully, the neighbors heard his cry for help. They called the cops, but they didn’t do anything. So they had to step in. They jumped the fence and save the dog!

They took the dog in and named him Alfie. And Alfie couldn’t be happier! He was free and he got the love and the attention that he so desperately needed.

His new home even came with a sibling for him to hang out and play with! They even took him to places he’s never been before!

He was able to do things like normal dogs do. His new family was so kind to him. They gave him toys and included him in their family activities. He was finally a part of the family!

With his new family, Alfie finally had everything he deserved: freedom, love, happiness, and a real home.

And that’s how Alfie got his happy ending. Thanks to the kind and brave neighbors who heard this cry and helped him!

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